David Diaz

David Diaz’s visual expressions are explorations of balance, beauty, values, irony and empathy. He celebrates color and texture – all the while – getting to the bone of emotion and sensation.

Finding beauty and patterns all around him, David takes inspiration from both the mundane and the sublime which is reflected in the current use of Surfite as his medium of choice.

David’s early work began with oils and acrylic on canvas and migrated to stone sculpture. His journey of expression aligned with his passion for surfing when he discovered Surfite. In the process of making surfboards, technicians use brightly colored resin to decorate each board. Afterwards, when this resin pools and hardens on the floor, it becomes Surfite: set forever as blocks of completely unique striations of color and form.

Diaz’s work honors and displays the imperfect ways colors play and meld together. Light awakens the organic fusion between layers. The beauty lies in the celebration of the imperfect. Unique and impossible to replicate, each piece evokes wonder and carries an undeniable reminder of the sea and the freedom and exhilaration of the sport of surfing.

Born in New York, Diaz relocated with his family to Monterrey Mexico shortly thereafter. Trained at the Northern Arizona University, Diaz studied photography, sculpture, painting and stone work. He has lived in Mexico, Spain, El Salvador, Peru and now resides in Redondo Beach California.