Kimbie Noble

Based in Bozeman, Montana and growing up along the coast of California, Kimbie is an impressionist artist who exclusively uses palette knives and uniquely thick paint to create dimensional fine art. Similar to the nature inspired subjects themselves, the paintings are appreciated from varying perspectives, different light and multiple senses because they are dimensional. Layer after layer is applied with a thick impasto technique that allows for extreme texture; the paint appears to be coming out of the canvas. Her paintings embody her love for the beauty and force she finds in nature. It is outside, either in the mountains or by the ocean where she finds healing, her peace, and inspiration. She believes in big art and art that has big of meaning. It should stir curiosity. It can promote wanderlust. “When my heavy textured acrylic strokes find meaning with the viewer, that is the ultimate gift of hope for me.” It is the connection between artist and art lover that can enhance our lives with significance and wonder. Choose big art that predominantly fills one wall, it will keep the eye focused in that space. “Introduce just one large-scale statement piece to pull the room together and amp up its style. Big pieces are like a blanket that gives you a big hug. It can be unifying.”